Agreements affecting intellectual property assets are critical to the underlying value of those assets. Licensing involves the strategic transfer of rights in proprietary technologies. The long-term viability of virtually every technology company is determined largely by how effectively it protects and leverages its intellectual property. Great intellectual property can be diminished through agreements of poor quality A thorough understanding of both the particular technology at issue in a transaction and the legal framework governing the transfer of rights in that technology is critical to a successful deal. The relative value of any intellectual property can be enhanced through thoughtful and effective agreements.

At Vector IP, we understand this. One of the things that differentiates us is the knowledge held by our IP professionals. We understand your technologies and business strategies as well as the competitive environment in which you operate. We are well-versed in both intellectual property law and transactional law, which is the language of technology transfer agreements. We are adept at working to develop strategies for exploiting technologies and for navigating the myriad legal and technological issues that arise in drafting and negotiating agreements involving technology transfer. Our licensing professionals provide world-class strategic assistance with licensing and technology agreements via a unique combination of skill sets: a deep understanding of the underlying technology, significant business acumen, and a thorough understanding of the applicable legal principles.