Industry Specialization


computer-software-&-hardwareComputer Software & Hardware

We have extensive experience in the prosecution of computer software and hardware patent applications. Subjects include computer networks, parallel processing, optimization algorithms, voice recognition, imaging, operating systems, user interfaces, and much more. We have counseled clients on validity and infringement of software patents in diverse fields, and licensing experience includes ongoing, across-the-board representation of software and database suppliers, and individual projects for other clients. Vector also has significant experience in providing IP services for companies involved in the production and manufacture of hardware related to computers and electronics. Our substantial experience includes prosecuting patent applications covering computer hardware at the system, board, and chip levels, architectures that have included parallel systems, and digital circuit work.

wired-and-wireless-networksWired and Wireless Networks

We have great experience with 3G, 4G, and 5G Wired and Wireless Networks, Wireless Mobile Devices, and Long Term Evolution (LTE) Radio Access Networks. We also are versed in prosecuting patents in communications technologies, including local area and wide area networks and modems.


We are familiar with the technologies that are at the center of the Internet sector. Our attorneys are able to communicate on the same level as inventors and technologists, and we quickly provide focused, in-depth advice. We have experience in the following Internet areas: Search, Advertising, Security, Voice over Internet Protocol, Access, and E-commerce.


Vector has extensive experience advising our telecommunications clients on IP issues. We have prepared and prosecuted patent applications covering a wide range of telecommunications systems and equipment, including Ethernet systems, switches and routers for networking, VoIP technologies, Wireless communications, and Asynchronous transfer mode communications.


Patents for optical systems, devices, circuits, and processes are pursued by businesses for numerous reasons. Development and management of a quality patent portfolio including optical patents is important to create barriers to entry for competitors, to deter costly patent litigation, to reduce royalty payments to competitors, to attract investors and obtain funding, and to provide a revenue stream for the business through monetization.

medical-devicesMedical Devices

We counsel clients in the medical device industry regularly. Our experience lies in orthopedics, cardiac, ophthalmologic, dental, and pulmonary, among others. Our experience includes computer interfaces for biological data management, coronary stents, catheters and blood pressure sensors, medical imaging, and iris, facial and voice recognition applications. We also have experience with including electrical leads, patient programmers, clinician programmers, and neural sensors.


We have significant experienced in electrical systems, processes, devices, circuits, and processes. Our experience covers Analog & Digital Signal Processing, Audio & Video, Automated Test Equipment, Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) & CNT-Based Products, Control Systems, Displays, Electronics – Analog & Digital, Encryption & Decryption, Gaming, Green/Clean Technologies, Light Emitting Components, Manufacturing Equipment, Systems & Processes, Magnetics, Motors & Bearings, Nanotechnology, Portable Electronic Devices, Power management, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), Semiconductor Design & Manufacturing, Sensors, Solar Cell Design & Manufacturing, and others.

business-methodsBusiness Methods

We have tremendous business method experienced, especially regarding financial systems, and business services. We have prosecuted patents and counseled clients on the following: security trading, financial systems, analysis software, enterprise management systems, and business methods.