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patent-prosecutionPatent Prosecution

Our patent prosecution practice prides itself in delivering solid protection for some of the most complex and significant innovations that shape advances in science and business. Our deep understanding of the technology allows us to build strong, defensible patents. We work with our clients to build effective patent strategies. Our services include drafting and prosecuting patent applications. The prosecution of a patent application requires extensive interaction with the PTO. The firm also handles appeals before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). Our patent prosecution practice covers all areas of patent law, including, Application preparation, filing and prosecution strategies, US and Foreign, Track 1 expedited examination, Administrative appeals, Interferences, and Reissues.

patent-prosecutionTrademark Prosecution

We provide a full range of trademark services including but not limited to clearance, prosecution, maintenance to portfolio management, licensing, disputes, as well as litigation. With ample experience with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) we can provide services for clients in any stage of their trademark registration process. Gaining a trademark is an important and valuable aspect when creating a new product or service as it distinguishes a client from another’s. In order to help our clients mitigate any unnecessary costs, we always advise them on obtaining a strong and protectable mark that will ensure them registration and protection in any area needed whether it be in cyberspace, in a foreign country, or the United States.