Vector is an intellectual property law firm that delivers top quality, efficient and cost-effective legal services.  We provide domestic and international clients with assistance on U.S. and foreign intellectual property matters with a focus on patent prosecution. Vector was founded by leading practitioners from premier law firms.  Our team of patent attorneys offers exceptional experience, technical knowledge, and skill.  Our clients benefit from the rates of a smaller firm and knowledge and skill of large firms.

Our attorneys have significant experience handling sophisticated intellectual property matters for established technology corporations and emerging companies, and they have outstanding academic training. We provide high quality services directly to you, at value, by minimizing expensive overhead or other inefficiencies that exist in the traditional law firm model. We realize that your intellectual property needs are dynamic and of utmost importance to you.  Our attorneys are able to adapt to changing legal and procedural scenarios quickly to effectively secure and shield your innovations.

Firm Culture

It is Vector’s philosophy to become deeply familiar with our clients’ business objectives and counsel them on various options and risks to facilitate decision making for achieving patenting objectives under budget.  We are committed to absolute loyalty to clients and maintaining strong client relationships and team participation.  With streamlined processes and procedures for docketing, reporting, invoicing, etc., which have been implemented using a cloud-based infrastructure, the firm is able to provide wide ranging patent services around the world more efficiently and cost effectively than larger high-overhead firms.  Our number one goal is to have highly satisfied clients who receive superior services that result in more valuable patents at a lower cost.

Firm Experience:

We have successfully prosecuted hundreds of US and international patents covering asset management, fleet/vehicle management, location/sensor tracking, position sensing, magnetic systems, superconductors, nanotechnology, mechanical and medical devices, seismic systems, power supplies, electromechanical devices and electronic circuits as well as wireless components and networks, computer/data processing architectures, software applications, network security.  We work with many inventors with various levels of experience, including prolific inventors, university professors, and inventors with advanced degrees, to create patentable claims based on their ideas.  We carefully analyze prior art before preparing detailed patent specifications in order to draft claims having the proper scope.  We are intimately familiar with rules and procedures before the USPTO and under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), and we have interfaced with many patent examiners in many different USPTO art units.

We work with an extensive network of foreign associates to file national phase and direct applications around the world.  Through our foreign associates, we have successfully interfaced with examiners from patent offices around the world, giving us an excellent understanding of nuances associated with foreign patent protection, for example in Europe, Japan, China, Korea, Canada, Australia, India, etc.

Representative clients:

We have served a wide range of clients in the US and abroad, for example:

  • A magnetics technology company founded in 2008 that has achieved a patent portfolio having over 140 US and 35 international applications with over 120 issued patents
  • An Ultra-wideband technology company that achieved a patent portfolio of over 250 US and international patents for communications, radar, and position tracking applications
  • A network security company with a world-wide patent portfolio that protects information networks via independent evaluation of security components and trusted composition used by the DoD
  • Advanced research firms with worldwide patent portfolios covering on-demand hydrogen cell generation, advance seismic technology used for oil exploration, Graphene production, asset management, geo-fencing and access control, CMOS integrated Nano-technology, and electro mechanical systems and mechanical devices
  • A content delivery company with worldwide patent protection for technologies for delivering real-time HD video over low cost Internet bandwidth in use by large broadcasters to deliver real-time HD interviews
  • A conglomerate with vertically integrated holdings in superconducting wire manufacturing, superconducting magnet systems manufacturing and MRI medical devices
  • A global power supply manufacturer with world-wide patent protection for power conversion systems, components and circuits.