Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts

Senior Technical Advisor


Mark D. Roberts is a technical consultant to Vector IP.   Mark has been named as inventor in over 150 U.S. patents including numerous patents involving multi-pole magnets called Polymagnets®, which enable a wide range of new magnetic functions and behaviors.

Mark worked for 18 years as a software engineer specializing in the simulation and modeling of water bodies, turbulence, pressure, computational fluid dynamics, explosive damage, tornadic phenomena, and noise control; development of personal computer applications including relational and network-model database systems; and large scale problem solving using high-performance computing systems.

He then began specializing in intellectual property analysis and management, where he has managed and grown large patent portfolios involving over 500 pending and issued patents worldwide.  Mark has experience in a wide range of technologies including hardware, software, communications, radar, tracking, ultra-wideband signals, magnetics, coding theory, underground imaging, hydrogen fuel cells, graphene production and various mechanical and electromechanical devices.  Mark earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville


University of Alabama at Huntsville